Since January 2012, Community Care Management Partners, LLC (CCMP) has been providing Care Management services under the guidance of the New York State Health Homes initiative, and currently cares for more than 10,000 Health Home members throughout all five boroughs.

CCMP is a unique partnership that consists of a wide range of reputable Care Management Agencies providing services for our members:

  • Argus Community, Inc.
  • Brightpoint Health
  • Community Healthcare Network (CHN)
  • iHealth, including Alliance for Positive Change, APICHA, Bailey House, Boom!Health, , Community Health Action of Staten Island (CHASI), GMHC, Harlem United, Housing Works, & Salvation Army
  • The Institute for Family Health (IFH)
  • Mount Sinai Medical Center
  • Planned Parenthood NYC
  • The Visiting Nurse Service of NY (VNSNY)
  • Urban Health Plan

In 2016, CCMP became designated to provide Health Home services to children. CCMP works with the following providers under our Health Home Serving Children:

  • Argus Community (Severe Emotional Disturbance, Complex Medical Needs, HIV)
  • All About Kids (Early Intervention)
  • Catholic Guardian Services (Foster Care)
  • Compass Care Management (Early Intervention, Care at Home)
  • Harlem United (Targeted Case Management, Food & Nutrition, Primary/Pediatric/Dental/Behavioral Health)
  • Institute for Family Health (Severe Emotional Disturbance, Complex Medical Needs, HIV)
  • Little Treasures/Petit Tresors (Early Intervention, Occupational/Speech/Physical Therapy)
  • New Alternatives for Children (Foster Care)
  • St. Dominic’s House (Foster Care, Targeted Case Management)
  • St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children (Care at Home, Complex Medical Needs, Early Intervention)
  • The Joy Agency (Early Intervention, Care at Home)
  • Union Settlement (Targeted Case Management, Severe Emotional Disturbance)
  • University Settlement/The Door (Targeted Case Management)
  • Urban Health Plan (Complex Medical and Behavioral Health)

Through our relationships with more than 100 community-based medical, behavioral and social service organizations, CCMP provides comprehensive care coordination services designed to help you navigate the often complex medical, behavioral and social service systems. Our primary goals are:

  • To connect all providers involved in your care through the coordination of services to ensure that you receive the best possible outcomes
  • Work with you to meet social service needs, including assistance finding housing, legal services, and educational and employment support
  • Assist you with reducing the need for hospital and/or inpatient stays and emergency room visits through one-to-one, personalized intervention and education with an assigned Care Manager
  • Improve your overall health outcomes by offering targeted disease related care for chronic illnesses, the utilization of best practices, and guidance on preventative care
  • Assist with mental health and/or substance abuse disorders by working closely with your mental health and/or substance abuse treatment providers to coordinate services and improve your health.

Click here for more information from the Department of Health regarding Medicaid Health Homes or Health Reform in New York State.

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