Refer a Patient

New York’s Most Trusted Health Home

Please note that members age 18-21 can be served by either a child or adult Care Management Agency based on their preference.

Who Are Health Homes For?

Patients who meet any of the following criteria:

Have two or more chronic conditions (medical, mental health, or substance misuse)
Sickle Cell Anemia Serious
Serious Mental Illness (Adults Only)
Serious Emotional Disturbance (Children Only)
Complex Trauma (Children Only)
Have a Significant Risk Factor supporting their appropriateness for Health Home Care Management

Why Providers Love Referring to Us

A Health Home is a Care Management model whereby all of an individual’s caregivers communicate with one another so that all of a patient’s needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner.

HCBS and CORE Services

Our Managed Care partners see that their members have fewer gaps in care, a reduced frequency of hospitalization, and increased use of outpatient care. They report that CCMP has the best track record of connecting their highest risk HARP/SNP members to HCBS and CORE services.

Get in Touch

Our community based partners, such as homeless shelters, primary care doctors, and mental health providers see quick enrollments in care, and improved adherance to scheduled appointments. They know that they can get in touch with the member’s Health Home Care Manager quickly when issues arise.

Active Work

Our hospital partners see our Health Home Care Managers onsite in emergency departments and hospital floors when our members are in crisis. They see active work to understand the reasons behind hospital visits and our strategies to prevent readmissions.