What are Care Managers?

Our Care Managers are experienced social workers and counselors that work towards coordinating your health care needs by establishing a relationship with other providers involved in your care. CCMP Health Home Care Managers are committed to working with you and your providers to ensure that your health comes first.

The role of the CCMP Health Home Care Manager includes:

  • Working with you to complete a Comprehensive Assessment that identifies your needs
  • Creating and regularly updating a member-centered, individualized Care Plan that addresses your needs and establishes realistic goals and interventions
  • Organizing and coordinating Case Conferences to discuss your progress and concerns with your behavioral health, medical, and social support providers
  • To act as a central information point to facilitate information exchange among network providers
  • To provide advocacy and support with such issues as fair hearings and landlord disputes
  • Our Care Managers can also assist you with:
    • Transportation to and from appointments
    • The application processes for housing, SNAP benefits, and or SSI/SSDI
    • Obtaining referrals to community based services such as clothing assistance and food pantries
    • Reducing risk for an adverse event such as disability or nursing home admission
    • A lack of or inadequate social/family/housing support
    • A lack of or inadequate access to a healthcare system
    • Difficulty adhering to treatment/medications or difficulty managing your medications
    • Recent release from incarceration or a psychiatric hospitalization
    • Difficulty with activities of daily living such as dressing, eating, etc.;
    • Learning or cognition issues